The Driven Women Project  
is a photojournalism series featuring successful women in male dominated arenas or male-centric roles who are strong enough to own their femininity (i.e. they didn’t have to become a man to succeed like one). These women have climbed their respective ladders, are killer at their chosen profession, and are unapologetic about their femininity and who they are at their core. They own their true identities. Their stories need to be shared to help inspire young women who come up against challenges presented by societally imposed gender stereotypes, or gender barriers when entering the professional stage of their lives (especially as it pertains to entering STEM fields).

Perhaps she is a former pro or collegiate athlete who has successfully transitioned into a new career but hasn’t forsaken her true identity. Maybe she is a top executive at a finance firm who loves to play dress-up with her daughters on the weekends, owns a fabulous shoe collection, or just enjoys her own style. She may be one of the top surgeons in her field, and loves wearing makeup and dresses up to go dancing with her girl friends whenever she can. Whatever persona she shares openly with the world, it is authentically hers - she has chosen to live in her truth instead of conform to the masculinized world in which she has chosen to work.

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